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Two Male Gliders

Feb 3, 2017

 Two Male Gliders

I have 2 unneutered male gliders. They are both 100 percent brothers. I got the first one I had him for a few months and then I got his brother. Really worried that they could be fighting I do not see any cuts or injuries on them but I do hear them snap at each other and bark. My first1 likes taking treats from the second1 and I have no clue how to stop it. I feel so bad because I want help them out and I don't want to have to separate them but I also don't want either of them to get hurt. I just now recently learned about food aggression and I'm sure that's why the first1 takes treats from the second1 but is that the only problem I could have? I mean can they sense that they are brothers?


Feb 11 2017 : 04:32:24 PM
food aggression - one glider tries to keep others away from FOOD dish. during TREAT TIME, ALL our gliders will try and take a treat from the glider next to them if they don't have one. I have to be fast in giving out treats, the stealing doesn't not cause fighting. maybe they need to be reintroduced slowly, but I would think they dont need that, but not there to see their behavior. In sleeping pouch our glider groom each other and sometimes have small quick spats, you need someone with glider experience to determine if they are just acting normal or are fighting. gliders are like 2 year olds, they see a tasty lollipop they try and take it for a bite. just try to give them treats at the same time.

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