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New Joey mom, her poop looks strange

Feb 1, 2023

 New Joey mom, her poop looks strange

Hi, new Joey mom here! Our baby is 12 week old female and we just lover her so much. Im just a little worried about some of her poop. Most of it looks totally normal but then a few pieces are round in shape and like a light brownish orange color and almost opaque looking and definitely more wet. Im assuming that is diarrhea? The person we got her from says more than likely its just the introduction of new fruit. She was feeding vegetables with OHPW diet and we have kept that but also tried adding a few new fruits to that along with yogurt treats to help with bonding. Did we just do too much too soon? Or should I be worried about and infection? She is eating great and she has a new pee spot on her pad every morning so I can assume she pretty well hydrated. I just need a little advice and maybe some piece of mind as well as I am a new, nervous joey mom. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Feb 25 2023 : 03:47:22 PM
Sometimes when I feed my boys yoghurt treats it can make their poo like that too, i beleive its the yoghurt drops as its the only time it happens. They are totally fine for the gliders but maybe try giving them less. I find they enjoy coconut chips just as much and dont have the same effect! X




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