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Cook celery or raw celery

Nov 22, 2018

 Cook celery or raw celery

I want to try giving my little babies some celery because it seems like a lot of people give them to their little suggies, but my question is do you guys give it to them raw or cook it? I have also thought about making a sort of pudding like substance with all their fruits in vegetables in it. So like using baby food and just chopping up all the veggies in a food processor. I dont know. has anyone done that before, and if so what would you suggest using for the substance because I dont even know if they can have baby food.


Nov 29 2018 : 12:46:23 AM
I make a type of fruit relish for mine with the processor and they love it. I mix the calcium powder in with it otherwise they wont eat the calcium. They also CAN have babyhood. I keep some beech nut organics in my cupboard at all times for treats and cheat nights. I make Turkey and rice meat balls and a couple times a month I will give meatballs and baby food and straight plain yogurt with blueberries blended in. They LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

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