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Dec 19, 2016

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I'm not sure how to post a question or whatever because I'm new to this but here I go.

This Friday when I came home from work I found one of my babies, Khaleesi, had chewed a hole in yet another one of their pouches, and unfortunately got stuck. She had passed, and it was just awful to come home to. I thought you were supposed to use fleece for the exact reason of them not getting twisted up in strands of fabric, but luck hasn't been on my side lately. Needless to say I'm throwing out my remaining bedtime pouches to be replaced with a nesting box.

My question is, will my other two be okay? All other forums I have read are in regards to having 2 and one dies, but I still have my Casanova and Skye. Will they not feel the effects of grief as badly because they still have eachother? Will they feel it at all? Nova seems to be frantic, his ears are always perked and he jumps around a lot, and Skye seems pretty sullen. His eyes look sad and he tries to curl himself up as much as he can. I just want to know what to look for, if there might be different signs in regards to them still having eachother.

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