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Sugar Glider siblings and a new set of red males

Nov 11, 2021

 Sugar Glider siblings and a new set of red males

Hello, as I mentioned in a previous journal entry I purchased two 2 month old siblings. I'm starting to get the feeling that they were 2 months old including pouch time as they are still wanting milk. How can you tell how old a glider really is?

The new gliders (red bellies) are far much larger than my husband's hand! The previous owners used these boys for breeding and didn't handle much, one bites fairly often, the other not so.

I would like to find two females to breed. One white and one white and creme.

My question is- as large as these new boys are will they hurt or try to over breed the females once I find potentials?

I am new to breeding. Any and all advice is welcomed.


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