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Aug 10, 2011

 House buying advice concerning myself and my gliders.

I'm really thinking about buying a house, not only for my own personal gain in comfort and such, but also for my gliders.

Here's the quick low-down of my situation:

I'm in a overpriced and very, very small apartment that has no dish washer, washing machine, or dryer. Basically, it's many people's nightmare. The only real reason I am living here is because the location is so close to my University that I can simply walk to my classes. Oh yeah, don't forget that I'm super afraid of even trying to pay for a house or the complications of buying or anything that deals with house ownership.

I guess that's where this post is going.. house ownership advice. I would really like to buy my own place so I can do the things I want and have the luxury of not having to go to a friend's house to wash my clothes(sorry mom, I can't talk about you on the internet, it's embarrassing), or finally be able to not see a pile of dishes in the sink and dread to spend the next 10 to 15 minutes washing them to sparkly perfection.

What should I expect during my adventure to look for a house? Any surprises? Should I wait, or jump into the debt-filled life in exchange for happiness? Am I going to pay more than I expected? Please feed off of your first home-buying experience so I can be ready for mine.

Apr 24, 2010

 Really? I mean.. come on.. be logical.

Without basically retyping and reranting about this all over again, please refer to Nov. 15ths journal entry titled Ticked off/ranting time. Thanks. :D
Apr 15, 2010


Does anyone have any thoughts on the amount of natural diasters and occurrences lately? We have had many earthquakes in a short amount of time, giant meteors, volcanic activity, ect. Do you think I'm over-reacting or is something going on? WILL 2012 REALLY BE THE END!?! Sorry, sarcasm... I just really hope I don't bite down into that sarcasm when 2012 gets here..
Jan 7, 2010

 New Year.

It's the new year! Yay! Classes at the University start next week! I'm not very excited to be up to my eyeballs in school work and work at my jobs, but that's life. Blah. It's time to cut some people out of my life that are not bringing in good energy. I'm sick of letting people control my emotions.
I REALLY need to study more often this semester and concentrate on what really matters in life, family, friends, and happiness... and gliders and kittens. :3
I really want to start getting more practice in with my musical side, hopefully I get fit everything in.
Be happy, healthy, eat fruit and prosper,
-Ryan Hoffman
Dec 11, 2009

 It's been awhile!

Wow, I haven't written on any of my blogs in so long! I miss it! I've been super busy with finals and the Holiday season! Crazy stress! At least finals are over as of Tuesday, December 8th. With the combined help of my family members, I'm hoping to buy a nice video camcorder for Christmas. I'm thinking about starting a video blog with my suggies. I think it's a very interesting idea and it lets others get updated information on my gliders as well get an opportunity to get attached to my fuzz butts. Any opinions on this idea?
Nov 15, 2009

 Ticked off/ranting time!

Alright. I have seen so many posts about money issues and such. It's drastically ticking me off.
1) If you can not afford your glider a friend, how are you affording the food, vet bills, cage, and other necessary things a glider needs? A FRIEND is something NECESSARY to a glider's well-being. As said before, sugar gliders are colony animals and do much better while in larger numbers.
2) If these people were responsible enough to READ the information about gliders and see that they need two, wouldn't a person save up to get two? Wouldn't a person see all of the horror stories about gliders doing terrible things to themselves? These are the same people when something actually happens to their glider, they can not afford to get their glider emergency treatment or even know the number to their vet!! Come on, guys! Show some responsibility. If you can not do this, DO NOT own ANY pet for that matter. You do not deserve the love of an animal if you can not give it the best life it deserves! If that means saving up, waiting until you are older, or just not getting one at all, then by all means do these things and do not get a glider until then or at all.
Nov 14, 2009


So, recently I posted that I was going to have a little chat with my local pet store about the unhealthy habits they have with gliders. So.. I calmly approached the pet store with head held high and an open heart, only to be ignored with my questions on how they are treating the gliders. I started, still somehow calmly, to tell them things that had to be done unless they want to lose their gliders, which I cleverly said would mean a loss in profit. Their eyes bulged for a second, but still nothing happened. I learned today that a shipment of gliders were thrown in together, resulting in massive fights. One glider lost an eye, one glider died, and one had two broken limbs. My heart completely broke in two. My mind started to become jumbled, I didn't know what to do or say. Wouldn't someone learn what NOT to do? Two sets of joeys have been born within the month, according to an inside source, which has also complained about the treatment of the gliders.
Alright.. I'm sick of not being able to do anything. I have to sit and watch these helpless gliders, only being separated by a thin piece of glass. God please help these little guys...
Nov 9, 2009

 Tropical Storm Ida

So, every single high school in lower Alabama is out for the what is now a tropical storm. Ida rawred as she came into the gulf, but then dwindled down as she hit the chilly air of the fall season. The University of South Alabama still has classes tomorrow. Blah. Luckily I scheduled my classes on MWF this semester, so I shouldn't be complaining anyway. Still have work tomorrow! Yay!... Since the storm isn't that bad and schools are out tomorrow, Pacsun will probably be packed.. yay again.
Nov 8, 2009


After re-homing five gliders, I found out how much personality and how different each glider's personality can be. It's just amazing how different every one of my eight gliders are.
Oct 16, 2009

 Re-homed gliders

So, after a very long drive back and forth from Mobile, Alabama to Cape Coral Florida on Saturday/Sunday(the 10th/11th), everything seems to be going totally fine on this Friday. Every one is eating totally fine, playing normally, and starting to become a tad bit curious of me and their surroundings. Over the past few nights, I've been giving them licky treats to become accustomed to me.The colony of five have become accustomed to the diet I have been giving them over the past week. Everything has been going totally fine so far and I hope this continues over time. Now it's time for some bonding, I will keep everyone updated as best as possible. =)

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