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Jan 25, 2018

 HELP!!!my sugar glider has always been like this and i am afraid something is wrong

so i have a male sugar glider almost one year old. I got him when he was about three weeks old ,you might think it is too soon to seperate him from his mother but based on past experience with my first glider which i got him when he was quite old ,I never could bond with this sg of mine, he loves me and would run up my leg just to find my pocket so he can sleep in it .Long story short i tried to introduce my baby glider to the older glider of course the baby was outside of the cage and the other was inside,the older glider tried to grab him and was making aggressive sounds which scared the the baby grew older I started noticing something is wrong.When Im playing with him alone he would run around ,exploring the room.But when someone else comes in he would freeze ,even for is very heartbreaking for me to see.When its night time he would only come out of his coconut if its dark ,when I swtich on the lights he would freeze .He doesnt seem to be unhappy or unhealthy at all in fact he seems very happy ,the problem is he is not as active and curious as other sg he is too shy and something that i never seen in other sugar gliders is freezng . what can i do.i tried looking for answers on the internet but all i found are pages that teaches you to bond with sugar gliders that doesnt like you,he loves me but he acts it possible that he is autistic ,if so i want to know what to do because it really is very heartbreaking to look at .also what can i feed skinny sugar gliders,and can sugar gliders have protein overdose? please comment and thanks for your help

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