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Sugarglider stuck in fleece

May 7, 2019

 Sugarglider stuck in fleece

Hi everyone
I currently have 4 Sugargliders (a pair and their 2 babies). One of the babies is stuck really badly in its pouch and I am afraid it can't get itself out, I have been trying to help it but its get worked up when I go near it and it isn't letting me touch it. I am frantic and what makes it worse is that the parents aren't hand reared so they are also jittery and I don't know what to do because no vet's are currently open
Please help


May 07 2019 : 11:35:49 PM
wrap your hand in fleece, to protect yourself from bites, then go in and get it done, turn pouch inside out if need be, provide another pouch for the parents if they want to leave while you work. maybe you need a new pouch so baby doesn't get stuck? but just protect your hand, slowly go in and GET IT DONE. the gliders should be fine after your done, my gliders hate nail cutting time, but after it is done they are all 11 of them fine.

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