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Mar 12, 2014

 Expecting Joey(s)!!!

So excited that Mio Starr and Woodstock are going to have joey(s)! This is my first time with breeding and they have already had babies before I have had them in my care. I am very excited and cannot wait! I took these pictures last night!

Feb 12, 2014

 New Pair

I am so excited I purchased the new pair. They are adorable. Woodstock and Mio Starr! I think mom has joey(s) in pouch but I don't know how to tell... Either way I have 6 now... I want them to all feel loved... So I need to find out what each likes that are different from the others... :)
Jan 23, 2014

 New Pictures of Gotham's Finest :D

Jan 2, 2014

 New Owner

This is my first time owning a sugar glider and she is amazing. Are there any tips or tricks to help with bonding and play time?

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I love playing with my kids and boyfriend, and reading books! Love being a new sugar glider mommy!
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I purchased Harley Quinn on 12/7/13.I purchased Bane on 1/19/14. I purchased Woodstock and his lovely bride Starr Mio on 2/8/14. I purchased Rogue on 6/1/14. Purchased Gambit on 7/13/2014. We are proud to announce we had our first set of TWINS! Both boys oop on 4/24/14! Their names are the Rock and Mudslide! Both boys found their forever homes! I have a new girl who is going to be a new start to a FANTASTIC breeding pair. Her name is Rogue and she is a Mosaic (partial reverse stripe) 100% Creme Het. Her boyfriends name is Gambit and he is an amazingly sweet Cremeino glider with BB in his lines :P Proud to announce Mio & Woodstock had twins again! Sheldon and Leonard were OOP on 8/9/2014!! Sheldon is a grey and Leonard is a White Face Blonde. Another glider born here on 1/4/2015!!! Her name is Sailor Moon :) she is a WFB 25% leu het and is from Mio Starr and Woodstock!! On 1/12/2015 Twins Debra & Dexter came OOP. They are from Bane & Harley :)
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23 yr old mom, clinical secretary, and sugar glider lover! I love reading, singing, suggies, my kids, and archery! I am a small hobby breeder. Right now I have 9 gliders!! *These gliders below will stay here with me for a long time lol* (My pet only and breeders) Harley Quinn OOP 7/11/13. She is a beautiful Standard Grey 50% leu het. Harley is the very first glider owned. Harley is paired with Bane. Bane- OOP 10/9/13. He is a handsome little White Face. This is mommas little boy! He is the gentlest glider I have ever seen. He is paired with Harley Quinn. Woodstock- OOP 2/14/12. Woodstock, twin brother of Pookie, is a White Face male. He is bonded with Mio Starr. Mio Starr- OOP 1/31/12. Mio Starr is a gorgeous Standard Grey 50% leu het. She is bonded with Woodstock. Rogue- She was OOP on 4/1/14. She is a Mosaic (partial reverse stripe) 100% Creme Het and the newest addition to my breeding program! She is my feisty little one! Definitely a DIVA! Gambit- OOP 4/8/14. He is a creme boy with BB in his lines. His twin sister was a BB and his mother is a BB. So with him paired up with Rogue... WE ARE BOUND TO HAVE BEAUTIFUL JOEYS!!! Dexter - OOP 1/12/2015. Dexter is a handsome little Classic Grey from Bane and Harley Quinn. He will be neutered with Bane and kept together with his mother and father to complete my pet only colony :)