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Hair dyed hair strand digested

Mar 26, 2023

 Hair dyed hair strand digested

Had a recent incident with one of my gliders raiden(11 years old) he seems ok now

I had my hair bleached and dyed a week back and I don't think it was toxic as much as permanent hair dye

Raiden at first seemed constipated and he'd lift his butt high up while trying to poop and poop came out with difficulty and bunched up and it was pitch black and smelled strange and he even pee blueish clear and looked to be in pain for 2 to 3 days and I was in a panic due to picking up his worse state right after my vet closed down for the weekend so I went all over town trying to find ingredients to at least calm him down before I can get ahold of a vet only to later on find out the culprit of his illness and as now he is no longer in pain but still pooping black but his poop contained a piece of blond hair with the other half of it being black/green
I'm going to give him a lot of fruits and stuff to flush out what's left of the dye that was on my hair strain he pooped out and since he pooped it out he no longer seem to struggle pooping

I'm posting this here incase someone hasn't posted any similar situations or has any questions about dyed hair and harm to gliders from it

So far I'm monitoring him but he now wants to play and is very active compared to before

If your not extremely careful I'd suggest not to have dyed hair

My problem is that I turned a whole room into a gliders play pen and it's basically their exercise space as my sleeping quarters so there was a chance of this happening

But if manageable for someone to have dyed hair and handling gliders without worry of this incident it's probably OK but for me I'm no longer going to dye my hair I'd rather give that up because my gliders are really old and I've already lost one for different reasons back in December he was 14 getting close to 15 and he was the father of raiden but I still ohave the mother to keep him company


Mar 06 2024 : 09:23:27 AM
Unfortunately his situation was a tumor and I thought it was the hair dye but I did get him checked out and confirmed and for the dye it did pass through no problem and he had 9 months afterwards




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