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I have a Joey that is missing skin on the back of his neck

Mar 24, 2020

 I have a Joey that is missing skin on the back of his neck

Hey guys! I have a Joey that is about 13 weeks out of pouch. I noticed last night that he is missing a pretty good size of fur from the back of his neck. Could this have been a dominant bite from his dad? I only have his parents and him in the cage currently. I am intergrating 3 more females that I resuced. But they have not been in the cage together yet. I am waiting on the vet to open back up to fix his dad and him. Is there anything I can do to help the healing process or do I just let it heal on its own


Mar 25 2020 : 05:58:28 PM
if you are really worried about it there is an ouintment for animals called emc. its a little sticky but it will heal it fast. hope your baby gets better!

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