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Mean glider

Aug 16, 2021

 Mean glider

Hi all ! First post here. I have 2 female gliders, Gizmo who is 5 and Gadget who is 1. Gadget is a sweet girl I have no problems with her. Gizmo is a different story I have had her 2 years and I dont know what to do about her. She is mean to both me and Gadget for no reason. She hasnt had a great past with her previous owner Im almost positive thats why she is the way she is. Gizmo does allow me to hold her and pick her up, she even naps with me. But she randomly burst into mean crabbing fits. She is territorial with her food, she crabs and is mean to gadget constantly. She will randomly get mad and try to bite and crab at me while shes laying on me and I dont know if yall know any tips or tricks to tone her down a little ?


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