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Is this normal

Jul 18, 2019

 Is this normal

I have had my neutered male and female for almost 6 months now and Ive noticed that the male is sometimes rough with my female. I have also noticed a hissing with what sounds like a reverse sneezing over and over and when I go over to check them it looks like they are mating. My male is 92 grams and my female is 68 grams so he really can dominate her and he does. She really seems to love him though. I literally researched these guys for 2 years before buying my pair from a very reputable breeder and in my research Ive never come across the fact that neutered males will still mate. Im not going to lie it bothers me but if this is what happens then Ill just accept that and continue to check her every morning for mating wounds.


Jul 21 2019 : 11:18:28 AM
It's actually not uncommon for neutered males to mate with females, and the hissing sound you hear is probably occuring when your male sense that the female is in heat.

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