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Food aggression?

Mar 9, 2018

 Food aggression?

Hello everyone. So for the last couple months, one of my gliders (both female) has been very aggressive over food? If anyone else but me puts the food in the cage she rushes them, crabbing and biting. Occasionally she'll crab and lunge at me too, especially if i put my hand anywhere near her while shes eating. The additional problem is that she runs between the food bowls, and if the other glider is trying to eat, she crabs at that glider and takes her food. Is 3 full food bowls of pureed food not enough for 2 gliders??? what should i do?


Mar 10 2018 : 01:03:25 PM
what do you mean by pureed food? It's not recomended to puree fruits n veg for gliders it forces them to eat insoluble fibers that they don't usually ingest which can cause intenstinal and constipation issues. I'd recomend getting them on one of the widely used glider diets ( Bml or Critter Love are what I recommend ) and follow the feeding instructions for what ever diet you chose. The food aggression may be because they need more from their diet than they are getting. Two gliders should be getting 2 Tablespoons of staple and 2 tablespoons of fruit and 2 tablespoons of veg unless other wise specified by the diet.

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