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Help! my stupid husband dropped my baby suggie

May 7, 2020

 Help! my stupid husband dropped my baby suggie

Hi guys!
Can anyone tell me how I would know if my baby has broken bones or fractures?
My stupid husband was playing with her and accidentally dropped her becauase he was cleaning her poop. She is 6 weeks old now. Im not sure if she has any broken bones because right after that happened she was still very playful and jumps eferywhere in the bed. No signs of hurt or limping but I read that they can be really good in hiding their pain or sickness. Help pls.


Jun 01 2020 : 11:39:15 PM
if she/he is still playing around then bones are not broken. But if your still unaware then start feeling around its body and if it crabs or hisses then there could be a problem.

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