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My sugar gliders arent bonding!!!! HELP!!!

Feb 1, 2021

 My sugar gliders arent bonding!!!! HELP!!!

I got a male and female sugar gliders over a year ago and try every day to bond them but they arent bonding. The male got neutered when I first got him. The female doesnt show any aggression towards the male but the male always trys to grab her and bite her.

How I bonded them:
I would have them in separate bonding pouches.
I would give them treats as I rub a their scent on each other with a sock.
Then I would let them smell each others tail and thats when the male tries to grab and bit the female.

Please! I need ideas to help them!


Feb 12 2021 : 09:01:32 PM
What i always do when i get a new glider is switch their sleeping pouches so they know each others scent then after a couple days i set the cages near each other (but still far enough so they cant touch) then after maybe a week or more ill put one in a bonding pouch and let the other (for you id put the male in the pouch) and the female can climb on top and check him out then lastly id let them play together in a bathtub (ofc no water and make sure the toilet lid is shut) but the bathtub is so if a fight breaks out it will be easy to separate

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