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They finally shared the wheel last night!

Nov 7, 2011

 They finally shared the wheel last night!

Last night, JUST when I thought I could not stay up a moment longer, I heard movement in the cage & turned on the lights to discover...

...That Batman was in the wheel with Catwoman! I WISH I had photo evidence of this but it was way too dark & we left the stupid, stinking camera in the living room! Grr! But oh well...I figure we have the rest of our lives together to take pictures. This is progress I don't want to fool with.

Catwoman is like an Olympic Athlete. I tell you this so you realize just how much she cares for Batman. Batman--God love him--is probably qualified for the Special Olympics. He's slow, he's lumbering, I think he's even afraid of heights. So, while he's in the wheel with her, there is none of her usual mad dash of a run so she can see how many times she can go end-over-end, upside down. Nope. She gently walks with him so he can enjoy the feel of just being in it. She'll swing him a little, but carefully, like she doesn't want to startle him. Then she hops out of it (and she's obsessed with this toy, mind you) to go play with other things, like the Ball Pit, or to smack a few bells around (which she hasn't done since we installed the Fast Track Wheel). And he's belly-low to the wheel but he's walking in it. And she'll give him some time alone in it, and then hop back in to again, slowly walk him. Then again, she'll leave him alone in it.

When he finally had enough, and he goes back into his pouch, it is then & only then that she does her usual routine of showing that wheel who's boss!

I am touched that she is rehabilitating him, helping him grow more playful, less fearless. She also brings him food in the pouch on occasion. She is so very nurturing!

Both of my gliders have come such a long way. I am so very proud of both of them!


Nov 08 2011 : 10:39:32 AM
That's Wonderful I am so happy for you!

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