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Oct 2, 2015

 So excited ....

I so miss my loves Raja and JuJu but had to give them away went we left to go to South Korea. Well I am finally getting the oppertunity to be a suggiema again. Here is a pic of the new baby girl I will be getting soon ....

Nov 11, 2011

 Goodwill Treasure !!

I kept hearing and seeing pics of people buying there gliders baby or toddler toys. I found an awsome littl people castel at the goodwill. I was so happy to see my gliders enjoyed playing inside ..
Jul 4, 2011

 I made some toys and pouches for my babies !!!!

Well I tired tell me what you think

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Well unfortunately I had to find new homes for raja and juju. I was suppose to go to Korea with the hubby. Now I find out I can't go with him because of medical. So I am looking into getting more gliders ....
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