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Jun 20, 2021

 Need help I'm a new sugar mom

Hello everyone I have 2 new sugar gliders that I have barely gotten from my mom. I've had them for almost 4-5 months now and when I got them my mom had the male before the female for almost a year in a cage by himself. When she got the female she stuck them both together without bonding them first. She had the female for 2 weeks then I got them both. They have been doing just fine all the normal noises they are always cuddled up together and there wasnt any signs of problems until 3 weeks ago. The female looked like she was pregnant and then out of no where she looked really skinny but there is no babies around. I have been weighing them ever since that happened and she hasnt been losing weight. They have been getting into fights more and I found a little scratch on her face at first, then a couple of days later she had a wound on her back by her shoulders. I seperated them after I seen the wound for a couple of days and let it heal before I put them back together but they seem to just always fight. Is it bad pairing? Should I just keep them seperated? There is multiple eating stations, there is more than enough food. The male is not neutered I dont know if that has something to do with his aggression. Ever since I seperated them for good he has been hissing nonstop and circling the cage. She doesnt seem to be to worried about it if more so relaxed. I dont know if the male has ever had a cage mate, or the female because my mom just bought them and asked no questions, so I dont know what diet she was on before or if she ever had cage mates either. I am thinking about getting another female would that be a bad idea to increase the colony? I dont want her to be alone or stressed out. I need someone that I can msg and ask some questions to. I just want to be the best mom I can for them, i dont want anyone of them to get hurt or think they have to be forced to live together in the cage with all the fighting. When I take them out to play they dont act aggressive. I dont know why it happened all of the sudden but I dont know why she got skinny or if she was pregnant but it was just odd that she was 2 times bigger than she is right now and all the weight disappeared in one day. Could it have been the male that did something? Please I need help and answers. Anyone can send me a private msg I would appreciate it

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#NewSugarMommy Hi my name is Rocio and I'm 21 years old with 2 sugar gliders! I'm new at this so I am trying to go and find websites and information to keep learning about these awesome marsupials. Thank you to everyone who puts out helpful resources and information it is greatly appreciated to people like me trying to get as much knowledge as I can to be the best mom I can for them!