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Dec 9, 2013


Dear Rosco,

I have always loved you and always remember that. i should let you stay in my arms when you didn't want to go in your cage. You could have been with me till the end and i would have never let you go.
you cheered me up on halloween when i couldn't go trick or treating because i was sick.
i will never forget you and i will keep you with me where ever i go.
you have always been important to me and i will figure out a way to remember you always.
Darko misses you and you have always been a big brother to him. He will have a hard time and i am trying to take care of him as much as i can.
please forgive me for not giving you a checkup when you started sleeping more.
i will sing a song to you and darko every year on your anniversery and when you died.
i will alway love you.

Love your owner Rose.<3

Rosco, Darko( silent night)

Rosco, Darko,
my babies, all for me,
i will aalways love you,
i i loove youuu,
sleep in heavenly peace,
sleep in heavenly peace,


Dec 7, 2013

 Rosco and Darko

I don't know how this works so i am going to try. i have 2 sugar gliders. Rosco and Darko. i found this website whenever i want to research about my babies. i registered and learned lots of cool stuff. i might type more another time. i let you guys comment, help me understand this website even more!

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i love pets! any kind. no offense probably not bugs.
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got sugar gliders on HALLOWEEN!
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Have my lone glider Darko. we are having fun times. i read a book to him yesterday.