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Two Female Leus Potentially Pregnant w/ Photos + Male is trying to mount and mate with females while I believe both have joeys IOP, is this normal & why?

Jul 13, 2018

 Two Female Leus Potentially Pregnant w/ Photos + Male is trying to mount and mate with females while I believe both have joeys IOP, is this normal & why?

Hello all,

I am new to this site and would greatly appreciate any feedback that I can get. I love my suggies unconditionally and am very educated just not so much when it comes to breeding/mating. I am spending hours and hours reading and educating myself to get ready for joeys if they come and have a rejection kit just in case.

So hear it is...

I have three gliders:

1. Misty - Leu Female Age: Just over 1 year OOP
*showed signs of pregnancy approx two weeks before my other female leu and I believe that she is with a baby or two that are approx 4-5 weeks IOP.

2. Boo - Leu Female Age: 1 year OOP *I believe she is with a baby or two that are approx 2-3 weeks IOP.

3. Kazoo - Intact Normie Male Age: believed to be around 5 months OOP he has developed large balls that drop at times and has developed his scent gland on his forehead.

All 3 gliders are housed together.

Mistys Story:
I first noticied very light pink flesh around Mistys pouch area which worried me at first. I have checked her every night now for the last 4-5 weeks and it has remained fleshy pink and normal. I was told she either got her pouch ready for when shes in heat next or that shes pregnant with babies IOP.

Here is a photo of what it first looked like when I first noticied:

These are photos of Mistys Pouch approximately 2 weeks after the above photos were taken. I personally think I can see one or two small pea sized shapes in her pouch area and it appears to have grown versus the above photos.

Now here are my most recent photos, taken just a couple days ago. If she does have babies in pouch they would be approx. 4-5 weeks IOP.

So my question is by looking at these photos can anyone who has breeding experience inform me on their opinion as to whether or not my Misty has a Joey or Joeys IOP.

Mistys Sister Boo is also showing very similar signs. She showed signs of joeys IOP approx two weeks after Misty.
Misty and Boo are approx. same age.

Here is some recent photos of Boos pouch and belly:
Note Boo is not as far along as Misty is (if they even have joeys IOP)

Now here is my second question and I have tried to do my research but cant seem to find an answer anywhere:

My intact male keeps trying to mount my girls and is trying to mate with them recently. I notice him smelling by there tails a lot and he will climb on top of their backs and try to mount them to initiate mating. The females usually crab at him or tisk at him to get off.

Now I believe both females have joeys IOP, so is it normal for an intact male to try to mate with the females even though they already have joeys in the pouch?
Is this a negative thing or is it normal and does anyone know why he is doing this?

I read somewhere that sugar glider females have two uteruses and they can have concurrent pregnancys I.e. having babies in the pouch while being pregnant with babies.

So basically will and can a male mate with a female sugar glider whom has joeys IOP. Is there any risks to the mom or joeys?

Any information provided would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone


Jul 22 2018 : 01:59:30 PM
You can message me easier and anytime on facebook Are the gliders on a specific diet? IF they have joeys in pouch it is better to up their portion of the entire diet, not just protein. This ways the diet remains balanced and all the needed nutrients are provided if the moms need it rather than just protein. The ensure addition......please be very careful with giving ensure to your gliders. If the gliders are ever dehydrated for any reason the ensure can cause more issues.. as the body utilizes the fluids from ensure it leaves behind a clay like substance in the gut and intestines.. It's been medically proven to do this in gliders from a necropsy. Some people do feed the ensure diet despite that but please don't use it if your not veryyyyyyy familiar with that diet and how it is intended to be used.

Jul 20 2018 : 12:04:05 AM
Thank you so much for your response Leela! It means the world to me! Both my girls are doing great still, I have upped their protein and continue with their daily calcium just in case they are with joeys IOP. I also have been putting one cube of frozen ensure every night in ever since I suspected they may have joeys IOP. The ensure melts I just freeze cubes of it in an ice tray and usually do one cube a night! My girls arent super bonded to me yet. I have been trying my best with them. They have gotten more bonded recently though. I have been able to stroke my girls from their head down their backs multiple times while they eat a meal worm. They will also come up to me from in their cage and follow my finger around. I had Misty alone in her pouch so I took her out and gave her a couple light pets on her head then she did let me very briefly touch her tummy but I was very careful and did it very lightly but didnt have a lot of time. I think I felt something like you said a hard bump but Im not totally sure. Would you mind if I direct message you if I have any future questions? It would be great to find a sugar glider buddy I can talk with. Again thank you so much for your response, you answered my questions perfectly and the time you took to do so means so much. Have a fantastic day and I hope we can stay in touch!

Jul 18 2018 : 10:18:21 PM
the glider in the last couple of photos looks like she may have lima bean size bumps which is usually an indication of at least 2 joeys in pouch but again its hard to tell by the pics. The easiest way to tell for sure is to gently feel the pouches. When its early it will feel like a hard round spot about the size of the head of a pin. then pea size, then lima bean size then peanut in the shell size. Don't manipulate the pouch to hard if you don't feel anything she probably doesn't have joeys in there.

Jul 18 2018 : 10:11:40 PM
Ok it's hard to tell by the pics. In the first couple pics of the pouch, it looks like she is airing her pouch out. Which means it's partially inside out. There are no lumps so I wouldn't think it's joey parts sticking out that doesn't happen until they are just about ready to come out of pouch and the lumps are visibly noticeable by then. So in my opinion, just based on those first pics, she was airing out her pouch. Yes males will continue to mate with females even if the females have joeys in pouch. Females can hold a pregnancy in stasis for up to 12 months. They can also nurse joeys of different ages at the same time. Yes they have 2 uterus which is partially why we don't fix females unless its medically necessary the procedure is just to invasive as a preventative to producing.

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