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Hullo from Thailand!

Jun 19, 2019

 Hullo from Thailand!

Hullo everybody!. We are brand new to this site but not new to sugar gliders!. We have a family of 8 that have free run of our house. They have a cage but only use it as a food and water source - preferring to sleep in shoes, cardboard boxes, inside drawers, under towels or anywhere they think is comfortable.
They are totally comfortable and feel safe in their "territory" They breed regularly but we keep the family at about 8 ans we have many caring friends who are keen to adopt them.
We recently had a little male born what we thought was bling - white in both eyes. We have since discovered something unusual - the whiteness clears some times and he has some very basic vision. He has his "territory" well-mapped and is one of our most affectionate! (they all are!) His behaviour running around is identical to the others except he does not leap as much and likes to spend more time on us than the others.
Sugar gliders are plentiful and highly prized in Thailand - therefore well looked after - coloured and mosaics bringing huge prices But we never sell. They all go to good homes here.


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