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A Few Weeks of Glider Ownership :)

Dec 2, 2017

 A Few Weeks of Glider Ownership :)

I've had my guys since I picked them up on November 11th. I think we're progressing well in the bonding process. Both were well-socialized and taken care of by their previous owner, so neither of them were ever afraid of me. The dominant one rarely nips me anymore. Neither have ever actually bitten me and drawn blood. The only time they ever crab is if I startle them when they're asleep, and even then it's a more annoyed crab than a frightened one. When I take them out for playtime they love to climb (and potty!) all over me. One loves to glide to and from me and other objects. He seems almost proud when I praise his jumping skills. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how they best love to be played with. I find that I'm still learning some of their body language, mainly trying to learn how to tell when they really like something. Their bulging eyes and excited shaking always makes me worry they're frightened, even though I know crabbing and lunging is their way of telling me to back off. I love stroking their soft fur and have even started to find their scent comforting. This may be the beginning of madness.


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