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Mar 27, 2022

 Pregnant female question!!

Hi, I have a long story. I will start from the beginning. Two years ago I started researching sugar gliders. Then I wanted some. I found a family ( male, female, and two joeys, male and female). I purchased them in October. After I weaned the joeys I wanted to sell the joeys. Sadly the female Joey passed away. Now I have the mother father and the older male Joey. The mother got pregnant again. The joeys are now in the pouch. That was about 5 weeks ago they went in the pouch. Now I have the two joeys and the older male joey. I am worried about the new joeys. The older male joey is aggressive towards me and sometimes his mother so I am afraid he will hurt the new babies. I want to sell him to a new home who can take care of him and bond with him and then he can have a family if his own. I have no clue where to post him at. I am also clueless with how you take care of the mother and they joeys. I need major help!!!

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Hey everyone!! I have a little family of 2 white faced blonde gliders and a classic grey with 2 joes IP.