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Jan 6, 2017

 My birthday

So as I've posted before I adopted a yr old little boy :) when I got him he had been living in a pouch (only) so we bought a cage and I made many many toys and a tent. I stress everyday for us to bond. I work from 3am to 10 am I come straight in and grab the pouch and bond. I've cried and cried because he just won't bond. Well today I came in with the same routine but I had a pocket shirt on I got him out he climbed up my shoulder and whoop straight in my pocket he stayed there most of the day #10084;#10084;

Nov 18, 2016

 Who would of thought?

I'm a grandma of 10 and did I ever imagine I could add a small little feller to my clan and be so happy. We are on day five and everything is moving so well. At first I was really nervous. For one he is a 6yr old male. (I should of said that right from the top) so I really didn't think he would ever bond to my husband and I. BUT!!! SO FAR SO GOOD.His sleep pattern is way different then every video or message I've read or watched. He wakes up when we do and naps off and on and sleeps through the night. He has never gripped at us. Nor have we heard him bark yet. But weather in his cage or pouch he is right with on of us. I work from 2am until 9am so the hubby is with him and when I get home the hubs leaves to work. I think maybe just having a lot of attention and a nice cage (instead of a pet taxi) has helped us a lot. He stays out if his pouch a lot. Is that normal? And another crazy thing is he won't get into a regular pouch he Carrys around the one I made him? It's still a progress in the works and I've probably read more the last few days then I ever did in school but we love it. Like I said he is 6 and never had a name. It would be great if someone would like to give us some suggestions?
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