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My new glider + my problems

Jan 6, 2018

 My new glider + my problems

Im Jana and I have a new glider called Sir Alberto or Pablo for short. I just got him yesterday from a family friend because she got an allergic reaction from the innocent little creature, she had to give it away and I offered to take him! He has no other mate/fellow glider at the moment so I need to get to know him and everything. The problem is that he keeps crabbing when I try to interact with him. Im trying to get used to him as much as possible, I
spent a really long time trying to get along with him but I just cannot.

Also, Im being extremely honest. Im afraid of him. I dont know what to do and Im scared if he bites or scratches me. This sounds childish and all but I really need tips.

Moreover, I have a Scottish Fold cat. I had her for 4 years so I cant let go of her and Im not sure if she can get along with Pablo. She keeps going close to him but Im scared for poor Pablos life. I need help ASAP!!
Thank you so much for reading! Please help me whenever you have the time to. For the time being I cannot get another sugar glider but I am getting one soon. I really do not want Pablo to get depressed so please, please, please help me! (I need to keep my cat and I cant keep her in one place without her moving).


Feb 22 2018 : 09:12:07 AM
Yes it takes a VERY long time to bond. Also, keep the glider in one room and the cat in another. DO your research to make sure you have the right cage and diet and all that cool stuff. What really helped me was Lily Bell Looks and a couple other sites. Lily Bell Looks is a youtube channel of short quick videos VANITY THE GLIDER

Jan 13 2018 : 09:51:44 PM
you should never be afraid of him, he's probably more scared of you than you are of him. also, the bonding process takes more than a day or two. I've had my girls Delta for almost 2 months now and she still crabs at me. just be patient and he'll come around

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