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Vet Care Help.

Jul 22, 2019

 Vet Care Help.

So recently we rescued a glider, we did have to pay for her but it was worth it as the previous owner would not reduce price for vet care after stating that the glider was injured. When the previous owner told us the Glider was injured we thought it was something small, we asked for photos but they didn't send any. We did not see the injury until we went and got her, thus seeing that her foot was extremely swollen and looked necrotic. They explained that a string from a loose pouch had at some point (we believe it had been for a while) wrapped around her toes, the previous owner then noticed and had to use gloves in order to remove her from the cage and remove the string, but by that time it was already to late.

We took her to the vet this past Saturday and we were able to get her on antibiotics and anti inflammatory medication. How ever we still need to get her surgery to have her dead toe removed and possibly the one next to it. This glider was alone for her entire life with no other gliders around, she was also apparently taken from her mother at a very very young age as well, but with everything she has been through she is such a sweet girl with us and is holding on with every fiber of her being and fighting to stay strong and alive.

She was also on a bad diet as well and we have gotten her onto a critter love diet that will improve her fur and health as well.

If you have any info that can help with her recovery, please let us know if you wish to donate to help her, I will add the information here when I get off work (I am currently at work writing this) in the donation fund we have a lot more information on her as well.

Thank you so much.

we do own two other gliders that are separated from her so in time we will be working on placing her with them.


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