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Jun 3, 2014

 Leaving my suggies at home while I go to school

So I had to make the decision to get rid of my gliders or leave them at home with my mother while I'm away at school for 8 months Obviously I chose the one where I can visit them and be assured that they're happy. The only thing I'm worried about is keeping them stimulated. My mom will be left frozen food that I will prepare (I'll be home every other week to prepare it) but I'm worried that they'll be bored. My mom won't take them out.. She thinks they look like bats so she's not a big fan of them, and I won't be there..
My solution? I've been buying TONS of enrichment toys to keep them busy, as well as a better wheel to keep them exercising. When I come home, they'll get their tent time and run around time throughout the house, as well as their cuddle time with me:)
I really hope this is enough

May 28, 2014

 The Four Personalities

So, appearance wise. I still have some difficulty telling my males apart. They both are the same size (although next to each other one is a little chunkier and a little lighter) petrie is a standard grey both have the exact same markings, no bald spot on the forehead (they're neutered) but their personalities could not be more different.
Petrie: is very skittish and nervous. he's the submissive out of the two males. I named him petrie because he reminded me of the little pterodactyl from little foot who is scared of his own shadow and flying.. because that's exactly how Petrie was when he was a joey. He rarely explores when I let him out, just finds a cozy hiding place and watches his cage mates.
Shiloh: Is dominant and has his mood swings. Standard Grey, although his face is noticeably lighter, so maybe one of his parents was a white face.. The second largest, he would be the first if it weren't for lola being a bit overweight. has to want your attention, or prepare to get bitten. He likes exploring, but will take the first opportunity to curl up somewhere and sleep. Shiloh was adopted by Petrie's mom when he was rejected by his own.. That's how I took him home; attached and taken care of by a surrogate mother.
Lola: Is the mom of everyone I guess, although it sounds creepy if they were people. She adopted shiloh as a joey and later had another joey from him. (The little turd got her pregnant within the month he was out to get neutered, because by the time he was back, which was about 2-3 weeks later she had a small peanut of a bump) No inbreeding happened, I made sure by getting her actual son Petrie, neutered first. She's a lovely black beauty - with fur somewhere in between cinnamon and dark brown, with very dark black stripes. She was in a cage the size of my own, but with 17 other gliders.. So she's food aggressive, but otherwise pretty good with people.. As long as you don't try to pick her up. Actual handling is a no-no with my gliders, if they want out, they come to me.. If not they'll attack if picked up. She's incredibly food motivated and will sit still for you as long as she gets a treat.. So she's also the only one who's up for up for coming out as long as she gets food.
Pebbles: The newest addition, she is only two and still the tiniest and the lightest in colour. She's just a standard grey, but she's beautiful. At first, she was nervous like her brother Petrie, but now she is the most adventurous out of the four and will spend an hour just lapping my room and climbing on stuff, before she'll find some place to curl up and sleep. :)

Sorry for the long paragraph I just love the diversity of their personalities.
May 28, 2014

 How I have become the crazy glider lady

It has happened.. I'm like the crazy cat lady but, slightly worse.
I've owned my babies for 3 years (Lola, Petrie and Shiloh.. Pebbles was only born two years ago)
They were rescues and now that they have opened up and began actually allowing me to pet them, I spend a lot of time obsessing over them. I spend at least 100 a month on new toys and pouches and then another 100 on a whole bunch of new foods and ordered special diets..
I REALLY want to upgrade my cage to a double wide of what I have now (3 foot by 4 foot brisbane cage)
Mar 17, 2014

 Wheel incident left no permanent damage.

Lola's tail has fully healed from her Wodent wheel accident. No more baldness. Although her tail is shorter; after examination it was determined that it is not causing her any discomfort and nothing is infected she may have difficulties adapting to gliding and jumping without the added length for balance however.
New goal: finding affordable and safer wheels for my sugar gliders. I'm still upset that it took me that long to find the source of the problem. Poor girl.

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