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Tents and Tips and Traits (please read!)

Aug 12, 2018

 Tents and Tips and Traits (please read!)

Hello! Recently my family has been thinking of adopting a pair of sugar gliders, I have been the main researcher, and Id just like to ask a few questions Ive never been able to find.

First off: is Ive seen lots of bonding tents and I know thats an important thing for bonding with a sugar glider, my question is are you supposed to get a special tent, or can you just use a regular camping tent?

Secondly I was wondering if there is a particular difference between different breeds of sugar gliders, personality wise. I know all gliders have a unique personalities but for example are leutistics usually more mellow than black beauties? Are classics easier to bond with than caramels? Things like that.

Last of all if there are any tips when looking for a glider, (and we are planning only to rescue or help regime gliders, no breeders)
For example any good rescues that can ship? Or Are in Oregon? We are probably going to be unable to travel very far, and so far we dont know that there are rescues in our location.
Thank you!


Sep 04 2018 : 10:11:21 AM
Re bonding tents, a lot of people buy Sansbug pop up mosquito tents, you can find them on Amazon. They are mostly mesh. They require a bit of space though, when unfolded the 1 person tent is about 6 feet long by 2 feet wide. Re adopting, I've spent the past few weeks looking for the "right" gliders, then a few days ago I ended up taking in a pair who were left behind in my building by a tenant moving out. I suggest you make a list of what you're looking for - a single? A pair? How old? What gender(s)? If you only want one, are you prepared to bond it with another one eventually? You also need to find a vet who treats sugar gliders (ask specifically, they may be an "exotics" vet but that doesn't mean they treat sugar gliders) and find out what they charge for a checkup and fecal exam, because it's a good idea to take your glider for a checkup ASAP after you adopt. I was unable to find a rescue in my area and was looking in the local classifieds when the super came to my door "we found some kind of chipmunks in an empty apartment, can you come and get them?".

Aug 13 2018 : 08:24:32 PM
tents, we try to find tents with more mesh on the sides, like mosquito tents with floors, But regular camping tents work as well just not as easy for them to climb. You do want to make sure the tent hasn't been treated or sprayed with any bug sprays, some of the mesh tents are treated. Caramels are supposed to be super super mellow, my two are pretty flighty but do seem to be a little gentler and don't tend to nip or bite even if they are scared. Every cremino I've met has an attitude lol otherwise, it really comes down to their personality more than their genetics, however, some breeders specifically breed their lines with good temperaments FOR good tempered offspring. The closest rescue to you would be AZ Rescue In Arizona I think. I don't know of a legit rescue that will ship rehomes, the only ones that ship are breeders. I admire that you'd prefer rescues or rehomes but for that you'd have to watch craigslist probably to find any close to you that you can pick up locally. Or join some facebook groups and make a post with your location and that your looking for gliders.

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