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Jan 19, 2011



But guess what. NO BABY :( he is really active and flipping around though...

Dec 7, 2010

 Stupid college...

Just a little bit of venting here, sorry :(

I really hate that I went to college for the time that I did. I finished half of the schooling and know enough about Massage therapy to get a job, only thing I lack is a piece of paper that says I graduated. I did not get any kind of loan, but apparently the college wanted to "help" and said that if they ran my parents credit and it came back bad, then it would take x amount out of the $11,350 price tag. Telling me I would not have to pay it back. WELL after having to drop school (parents divorced and it wasnt safe to stay with my stepdad) and move out to NC with Adam, I get a call from my in-laws saying that they got mail saying I owed about 4000+ to student loans. WTF Im still paying off the stupid college crap that I didnt get to do, Each semester (every 6-8 weeks i that college) the rate goes up, after a few semesters I was there, the tuition had gone up to 13,000+ ...Im so stressed out cause Adam is getting out of the Army in May, if he is needed, they can call him back anytime 5 years after that...and since he is airborne he will be on call if a war breaks out and they need more people.

Its retarded, everything I learned minus techniques, I already knew! I was top of my class because I took physiology in high school and had it twice so I remembered EVERYTHING, I didnt even have to study for our finals when it was to do with the physical parts, my lowest grade was a B in massage therapy. Its so stupid that I have to worry about crap they said I wouldnt have to worry about. :-( With Ian on the way, the move, starting up Adams family business again...How am I suppose to keep my worry, and anxiety down... The lady I called today to see if I could postpone my payments was so rude! Im just venting now to keep Adam from stressing more. OH did I mention that since North Korea bombed South Korea and Adam being on GRF (global response force) that if his unit gets called he will have to be ready to deploy in 2 hours, and will be there in 13 hours, no warning, no clue when he will be back.

WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS. I really am trying to keep calm for Ian, but really, its hard with everything hitting the fan now. :S

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