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Oct 8, 2018

 New Sugar Gliders, Bonding help

Hi there everyone I just picked up my first Sugar Gliders this past Friday, a male and female with a female joey that is roughly 4-5 week oop?? The female (Petra) is curious of me and has hopped on me a few times for treats and lets me pet her in their pouch, the male (Arwyn) is a little more skittish he takes treats from me and has hopped on me twice but i think more to escape back to the cage ( this happens when i pull their pouch out of the cage) and he will let me pet him in the pouch. The joey is terrified of me, understandably I dont push it with her she has come out of the pouch once that ive seen closely following mom but as soon as she saw me she went back in her pouch. I tried the bonding pouch out yesterday with all three inside during the day while i was watching tv. They seemed to do fine. Its only day three so im pretty pleased with the progress we have made together, the adults have never crabbed at me since i brough them home not once and no bites only the joey crabs, so i think ive lucked out with them as far as friendliness but they are still skittish is there anything I can do to make them trust me more or just keep doing what ive been doing? Ive been feeding them around 8pm at night and will give them a few yogurt drops then leave them alone so they will come out and eat, i will go back around 9 and leave the cage door open they havent explored outside if the cage yet i just like to leave it open in case they want to but they usually go back in their pouch after getting a few yogurt drops and wait for me to leave to come back out. I usually pop in 3-5 times for 10-15 min until midnight when i go to bed and give them treats and once they go hide i leave them alone. I worry if i dont handle the joey that she wont come around and not be used to being held but i also dont want to push her and make her not trust me and fear me more. Any advice or criticism is wanted to please let me know what you all think!

Sep 19, 2018

 DIY cage questions

Hi there everyone!! Im getting a pair of male Sugar Gliders next week and im preparing their cage now! Im makes a 21w 42l 50h cage for them. I am making it from untreated wood heres the link to the wood i bought, and im putting a polyurethane coating over it so it wont soak up the pee and smell gross. This is what im using to coat the wood, im not sure if this is safe for Gliders or not i saw a few recommendations for this stuff for glider cages but im still wary. And finally the mesh im using I couldnt find anything with smallers holes what are your thoughts on this mesh?? Any other recommendations?
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