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Feb 10, 2009

 Co-op placement at a vets office.

Hey everyone. Unfortunatly I did not get the placement at the exotics vet. :( BUT I did get a placement at another vet who is not an exotics. It still should be alot of fun. I had my interview and she even said that I was the best interview for co-op that she had EVER had!! (talk about a confidence boost!) She hired me on the spot. :) I will let everyone know how it goes once I start!!

Jan 22, 2009

 Co-op Trial at Exotics Vet

So today I went in for a trial at the exotics vets for my co-op. Im taking co-op next semester but they want to make sure I can handle things like blood (I dont pass out or puke) and euthanasia (I dont start bawling), before they "hire" me. I think things went well. It was a REALLY slow day at the office today, but there was a cat that needed to be put down, and they needed to take blood from several different animals. I thought that might be a slight problem for me (Im hypoglycemic and when ever I get blood taken by sugars drop) but I was completly fine by the blood and while the euthanasia was, difficult to watch (I had seen one previous to this) I think I dealt with it well (meaning I got slightly teary, but didnt let it show). Everyone cross your fingers for me that I get this placement. If I dont get this one Ill be going to another office thats not exotics and not as friendly either. I really hope they think I did well aswell. I will let you know if I get it or not!!
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