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Help with agression

Jan 31, 2018

 Help with agression

I have three Sugar gliders, Chewy, Poe, and Rey. We have had Chewy and Poe for over 2 years and Rey for about 1 1/2 yrs. All three are neutered males. We had thought Rey was a girl but it was confirmed over the summer that he is actually a neutered male. About 7-8 months ago, Chewy would make strange noises and chase Poe in the Bedroom occasionally and we were thinking he became a bit territorial over a specific area. This would happen off and on. But it has been gradually getting worse last few weeks and now he is actively chasing and biting Poe's Tail. And he just started doing it in the cage around 2am this morning. I dont know what to do. They have always been really good buddies, play together, and would cuddle in their sleep either in the cage or under the covers in our bed in the mornings if we are not having to go to work. They have been to the vet a few times this past year and all three are healthy so it cant be Chewy trying to push Poe out of the colony due to illness.

I dont know what to do. I am really hoping it is just a phase that he will grow out of. Has any one else had sudden aggression between their gliders when all has been fine for a long time?


Feb 21 2018 : 10:21:00 AM
I would recomend changing the cage bedding out and putting it in different places as well as change the furniture of the play room apart. Take him to the vet just in case. Check his diet and make sure they are ALL boys, Just in case. SPEND AS MUCH TIME POSSIBLE with them! I hope this helps you out! Vanitytheglider

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