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Dec 4, 2018

 Can my sugar glider impregnate threw the cage

Hi I have had my brother and sister for almost 2 weeks, they were kept in a room with dogs, they r just now coming around a little better I can pick them up but they wont let me hold them long, they want to come out of cage and ,run around but are hard to catch. But main question is can the brother impregnate his sister threw cage if they are next to each other? Also they seam like they are hungry they eat their food right away, I feed them veg and a fruit and if I want to handle them I put a small amount of fruit in my hand.should I give them more veggies? I also give them had boiled egg with diet

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I volunteer with scouts am a leader so I am outside a lot , winter also with a cold weather camp out in January, may seem crazy but I enjoy it keeps me healthy.
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I worked as a vet technician and havedo e animal control in my life, Cancer kept me down for awhile but i Won I have 4 grandchildren and one on the way.