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Sep 16, 2017

 Male Glider Mounting other Male Glider

My boyfriend and I have two male sugar gliders Creature and Casper. About a month or two Casper mounted Creature and injured him. Since then we have been keeping them in separate cages letting them have supervised playtime and we swap their cages every night so that both scents are in both of the cages. Creature and Casper have been doing really well with the supervised playtime and cuddling in the pouch together, so we made the decision to put them back in the same cage together on Thursday night. They did great Thursday night and all day Friday, however on Friday night early Saturday morning we heard them them crabbing at each other and my boyfriend went to check on them and found Casper trying to mount Creature. So to prevent another injury we separated them again. Casper and Creature have been cage mates for 3-4yrs and haven't had any issues like this before we have heard them crabbing at one another before but they usually stop and have never cause injury to one another. We are unsure what to do and we don't to have to keep them separated with the fear that they will get depressed and possibly die. We want to do what is best for our fur babies.

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