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Feb 21, 2018


It is almost my birthday and I've been doing research for a VERY long time to get a glider, almost a year now! I have knowledge of both the pros and cons of this pet. I really, really, want one. I am willing to do alot of things, but my parents don't want another pet! They are fine about the money though I think buying a portion with certainly help! I really want one! I am of course wanting to get two but is getting one and waiting a little a better choice? Do you have any ideas on how to convince them? Do you have any ideas on how to make more money? I would really really really appreciate it! Please comment!

Thank you so much! YOu have no idea what that means to me, I have about 6 DAYS, so please HELP!!!!!



Feb 24 2018 : 05:47:09 PM
I literally saved up my money and paid for everything. The two gliders the cage, their food and all their toys and sets. This really impressed my mom. And I think if they see you taking initiative even maybe willing to pay for all of it theyll let you get two. I suggest getting both at once from The Pet glider is a good choice theirs come very socialized and sweet its only been a week and they let me hold them. The part Glider also introduces the babies you want for you! I told my mom all the benefits of owning the sugar gliders and now shes just seeing the cons lol but she cant say anything because I paid for all of them. Hope this helps!

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