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Breeding Problems

Mar 13, 2017

 Breeding Problems

Okay SO,

I have two gliders, Ash and Caviera. Ash is the boy, and Caviera is the gal. We bought them as a breeding pair, about a month ago in a half. They have had 2 successful pregnancies prior, and have had 3 joeys combining both pregnancies. This may be nothing to worry about, but I figured that I would bring it to the audience on here to discuss. I've noticed Ash trying to mate with Caviera, but all she tries to do is scurry off, as if she wants nothing to do with the mating process. They are both about 3 years old. I didn't know if this was something normal with the breeding process, or if it is something to question about. I have noted the steps he's been making as much as I could throughout watching them. He does bite onto her neck, which is normal, if he can get ahold of her. Sometimes he cannot manage to get her tail up to begin the mating process, sometimes he can. (Im trying to keep this as G rated as possible). But when it comes to the physical part, he hasn't (I couldn't think of a more appropriate word, sorry) HUMPED her. Therefore the mating process is only in bases at this point. 1st base is the neck biting, 2nd base is the tail, and 3rd base would be the physical part. I've only witnessed him at 2nd base, and thats only if he can get onto her while she's distracted eating treats or in her wheel. I do have lineage on both of these gliders, and I bought them for breeding purposes so questions directed in that area should be taken care of after reading this section.

Are they scared, since being put into a new home, new cage, new toys, new cage sets? I'd imagine so, but I just wanted to see what everyone else could think of.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post, it is much appreciated! -Destinee


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