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May 27, 2020

 Need Help ASAP to stop glider from chewing at surgical site

We have a 3 year old sugar glider that somehow broke his little leg. We had it fixed twice but it wouldnt heal correctly. We did an amputation about 2 weeks ago. The vet put a thick bandage over it because he apparently has a bad habit of gnawing at it. We took him in for his follow up to get the little cast off and his staples out. Even while still under partial anesthesia, he immediately started biting at it. He actually bit himself so bad, they had to rewrap it. The vet called and I could hear him crabbing. They had to constantly stick a pen in to distract him. We got him and did our best to keep him from biting himself in the pouch. In that short ten minute drive, he bit other parts of his body and ripped the fur. The vet said to put him in a towel. We usually dont carry him around free. The vet cant tell us how to stop him from self mutilation (besides to watch him). I dont know how we can do that 24/7 for the next two weeks. I want him to live. Ive sunk about $1500 in to saving him. But, I am at wits end. I know he can have a good life if he would let it heal. But, how to get that to happen. Please advise. We are so desperate. This is horribly heartbreaking.

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