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Dec 11, 2018

 Sugar glider noises/ Helpppp

Okay so I researched about sugar gliders 2 years ago but I was 17 so I stopped at some point hoping for when I leave my house. I'm now living alone in a building apartment and I'm going to a university 09:00-17:00 almost every day. Afternoons I'm always home and if I go out I come back home at 00:00 and usually sleep at 02:00 or 04:00 at night. I've been researching again and I really want to buy 2 male sugar gliders but my only fear is the following. Will their noises and specifically their barking be possibly heard by my neighbours on the floor below mine or not? (It's my landlord's apartment) Are they really that loud? I've heard/seen videos but I can't really figure out if they are that loud.

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