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Skunky Suggie

Aug 26, 2017

 Skunky Suggie

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. One of my boys lately has been giving off a skunk smell. Not all the time just occasionally. I was having bonding time in my bathroom and he was just chilling on my shoulder and suddenly that's all I could smell. We live on a farm and do have skunks o I thought maybe with the windows open it was just one passing by the house. But then it happened again later the same day. Than again that evening when I got him out. Just Bug has the smell his brother Boo does not. The next day because I had been making tons of new toys and things for them (and they t was that time anyway) to do a through cage cleaning took everything out and washed and cleaned put some new toys in and I actually d made some really cool tunnels for them put everything back in and about 10 minutes later the skunk smell was permeating through the cage. I'm wondering if it is because he was stressed possibly. I have them on a proper staple diet they have a large cage I get them out EVERY DAY at least once (usually an hour in the morning and anywhere from 1-3 hours about an hour after they wake up in the evening). Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue if I should be concerned and if I need to take him to the vet ASAP? They are both intact males around 6 months OOP.


Aug 27 2017 : 12:13:21 PM
I would think it's rather that he is marking. Especially if you clean a big part of his belongings at once or bring new things, he will mark them even mmore to find back his smell

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