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Keeping My Gliders Warm

Apr 24, 2018

 Keeping My Gliders Warm

So Ive had my gliders for a few months now and Im worried that theyre not warm enough. They shiver quite a bit and my dad tends to keep the house quite cold. Im just wondering what some good ways to keep them warm are. Ive got a little space heater that works well enough but doesnt really reach much of their cage. Any tips and tricks are appreciated!!


Apr 24 2018 : 06:13:31 PM
Add some fleece pieces to the pouch, they may use this as a blanket. also we add sew long fleece strips to the sleeping pouch or add to cage around pouch, the gliders will drag it into the pouch and use as a blanket. but overall if you have several gliders they will use their body heat and keep warm.

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