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Jan 18, 2010

 being creative

so ive been pretty creative here latly which is why i decided to learn to sew my mom and my grandma does it and they both helped me learn although im using a 53 year old machine that was my grandmas when she graduated high school but i also have been making other things that i think i wanna try to make to sell but i have just been using them as christmas gifts and birthdays and stuff but things like "rag blankets" or "rag pillows" and it really is cool you use 100% cotton and there is no sewing everything is tied but it looks really cool like its ripping apart but its not... in my high school years i made duct tap and pop tab items for people for prom i can make wallets and roses and shirts and all kinds of stuff but i want to become more creative with sewing and fabric i want to take after my mom but maybe not quilt like she does but i just thought i would write on here this is my first entry but i thought i would write something and maybe someone has an idea on how i could post stuff like my "rag items" and stuff online somewhere besides ebay....any help would be great! sadly i do not have a pic of anything yet but im working on a pillow so i will try to get pics up when im done with that

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