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Dec 27, 2012

 Grizzles's first Christmas with us! :)

Dec 23, 2012

 Possible new additions!

About 4 months ago we re homed Grizzles. Built him a big new house, got him on a good diet (LGRS suggie soup), and of course bonded with him. He was a lone glider for his whole life so far (5-6 years). The past two months I have been searching to find him a friend or friends. I contacted a few people looking to rehome their gliders. Most of them were asking way too much to rehome their glider and didn't want to be "low balled". A friend recently told me that his sister wante to rehome her two female gliders. I contacted her and am waiting to hear back from her. I'm not going to get my hopes up just yet since I know he doesn't want to re home them but does so they can get the attention they deserve, but I'm very excited to have a promising lead! I really want my baby to be happy and can't wait to bring some friends home for him. It would make my holiday if we get to re home these two girls! Keeping my fingers crossed!
Nov 25, 2012

 Good Morning!

Oct 30, 2012

 First tent time

Oct 18, 2012

 Grizzles happy in his new cage pouch!

Sep 27, 2012


Sep 27, 2012

 Introducing a glider buddy

My husband and I recently adopted a sweet un-neautered male glider, Grizzly Bear. We call him Grizzles for short. We got him checked out by our vet, built him a nice big home, and have spent lots of time with him so he got comfy with us (he's sleeping under my shirt as I type this :)). Now that we feel he is well adjusted we were thinking about getting another glider since they live in colonies typically. Just wanted to reach out for advice on the topic because 1. We don't want to get a female because we don't want to breed them and we really don't want to fix him if we don't have to. 2. He has been by himself most of his life. He is about 5 years old and the couple we adopted him from had him for two years as an only glider and I believe he was an only glider before that too. From reading posts on here I know it can be tricky to introduce other males due to dominance. Just really torn about the whole situation because I would love for him to have a companion, but not sure if he would want that.

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