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Diet and constipation help

Feb 17, 2021

 Diet and constipation help

Hi Im not sure if Im putting this in the right place but I have a male neutered sugar glider hes been alone since his partner passed away about a year ago and she passed because of hind leg. They were both on the same diet the last owner fed them peanut butter, dry oats, flax seed, and honey all blended and frozen with a side of peas and corn. I still fed that to him now I added a calcium powder to the batch and not given him corn since peas are his favorite. I serve this to him everyday with peas. Although was trying to give him apples, mangos, and cucumbers I saw that he was having a bit of lose stools that were very light brownish and yellow. So I stopped and continued with peas and the frozen cube. Now I see he is peeing all the time and I have not seen him poop in a while, I gave him mealworms just the other day to see if that will help. Around his privates they look a bit green I think it maybe from the peas rubbing on him as he crawls. Thank you for reading this please reply with any advice please.


Feb 23 2021 : 09:27:16 PM
Hey, thanks for reaching out for help! Sorry no one else has commented yet. First of all, I would urge you to get your glider on a staple diet. Peanut butter is not good for them. They need to be on a good, staple diet, or they will develop HLP and have trouble. Here is a link to a page with all of the staple diets. I feed OPHW and previously fed TPG. Both are super easy to make. And secondly, is he hissing when he pees? If so, he may have a UTI and that needs immediate attention by a vet. If he hasn't pooped in a while, he could have an intestinal blockage. Pureed pumpkin (no sugar, no spices, just plain) can help with constipation.

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