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Can i feed my glider mature Dubia roaches?

Aug 5, 2018

 Can i feed my glider mature Dubia roaches?

I'm not sure if i can feed them mature dubia roaches or if i should cut the legs off or something. I'm afraid that my dubia roach colony will expand to the point where i have too many dubia roaches so that is why i want to know if i can feed my gliders the adult roaches


Aug 12 2018 : 02:52:20 AM
there is no issue giving them to gliders, they actually have a better protein ratio than crickets or mealworms, it mostly depends on what your roaches are fed with. Some people do cut the legs out of fear the gliders will gurt themselves, others do not and don't seem to have issues, afterall, gliders are not handicapped animals, and no one cuts the legs out of the insects they eat in the wild (and when one knows how spiky are the legs of a McLey Spectre that they occasionnaly eat...)

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