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Ugh i cannot wait!

Feb 9, 2014

 Ugh i cannot wait!

My first two gliders died this weekend from an unknown illness. I love the little critters so i went to look for some more to purchase. I went to The Pet Glider and one of them melted my heart!


Feb 12 2014 : 11:44:27 AM
Im sorry for your loss and I hope the new glider can help fill the void in your heart.

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Writing, Drawing, Painting.
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My gliders passed away this weekend. Two more will join us this year.
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"What ever you are be a good one" - Abraham Lincoln
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Hello I am a 12 year old middle school student who is completely in love with certain little critters who live in my room ;). I am also very artistic and one day wish to become a Vet as well as an artist and or writer.


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