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Jan 5, 2019

 Please help

Hello! Im a mother of 2 sugar gliders, and once in awhile they will have babies so I know the first batch of joeys usually pass away, but I have had 4 batchs of joeys and only the 2nd one survived. She keeps on abandoning them I was wondering if anyone could help beacause she is pregnant and I really don't want to lose these ones so please comment and help.

Jun 11, 2018

 Selling joeys

My two joeys are getting to the age to be sold but the thing is we don't know how to sell them in the area . So it could be nice if people could comment some ways to sell them please and thank you!
Apr 11, 2018


I love suggies so much, cant live without em (Rocket and rose my babies x3)
Apr 10, 2018

 Help dont know what to do to help babies

My suggie Rose had a joey a few weeks ago and this is her second time the first time she had 2 and both of them passed away and I want to prevent that. The joey is still in the pouch but I really want help so can you please comment suggestions

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