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Jan 24, 2009


A new school semester has started, and i really wasnt ready. my new art class is intimidating, awkward and im one of the youngest ones in the class. I quit guitar for awhile, maybe till spring. My birthdays in a few weeks too and im not looking forward to it. I dont want to be looked at like i know how to handle responsibilty and my parents are pressuring me into driving more. Im terrified of cars, i was in a bad car accident 5 years ago with jake and my sister and it still haunts me.

ugh, sorry for the rant,im just scared

Dec 7, 2008

 New Glider Drawing

i did this during my free time today, i never knew how hard it was drawing on rough paper like this!

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I love to horseback ride whenever i can. I also needlefelt and do other various arts and crafts, train my dog in agility, play acoustic guitar and draw and paint. hopefully I am going to college for marine biology soon!
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