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Aug 22, 2011


AUGUST 19th The joey came out of pouch!

AUGUST 20 After mom and dad were out eating dinner, I took the joey out of the nesting pouch. I left the cage door open and made sure mom and dad saw what I was doing. I kept my hand and body close to the cage so they could jump right on me if they wanted to. The joey is FAST, strong and loud for such a little guy!!! I held it for only a few seconds, as it seems very scared and cried for mom and dad. It seemed to blindly try to escape and cry the entire time. I put joey back in the pouch and them mom came and investigated my hand and arm... her and dad went back to eating and after a minute dad went to check on the joey.

AUGUST 21 I took mom, dad and joey out of the cage while still inside the nesting pouch today. Put the pouch on my lap (got the camera ready), and gave mom and dad a meal worm to stay busy with while I scooped up little joey out from under her. She didn't mind, but the joey did! It was trying to get away, it was scared and cried for mom. As soon as mom was done with the meal worm she came out of the pouch and picked up the joey and took him back to the pouch.

AUGUST 22 It's a girl! I took the little family out just as I did above, this time with avocado bits to offer the new parents. They let me scoop up the joey again and the joey didn't try to get away so urgently this time, nor did it cry out for mom lie it did :-) Wow! That's fast progress! (Either that, or a tired joey. lol)

I'll do the same tomorrow both in the afternoon and just before dinner. I'm not spending the entire 1 minute per day with the joey as is instructed - but the poor little thing seemed so afraid at first, I couldn't do that - and it seems to be catching on that no harm will come to her - she is not as afraid.

Jul 27, 2011

 Glider notes (cycle, pregnant, visable stages)

JUNE 22 Brought Spike and Lola home June 22nd (possibly the 15th, but I think the 22nd)
She was separated from her 2 joeys when re-homed with me. Previous
owner said she may be with joey)

JUNE 30 First cycle while with me. Lola in heat, Spike
"interested", heard mating hissy noise for several days.

JULY 14th Starting to wonder about a sometimes visible
"bulge" on ONE SIDE of pouch. Took to vet for well check up and
neuter Spike questions. Seems maybe previous owner was right about having joeys in pouch?

JULY 23 The bulge in pouch is bigger and seems to move -
I'm convinced there are joey's in pouch. (Vet wants to wait for
2 months before neutering Spike)

JULY 25th Ok - that bulge is moving in a big way - joeys definitely in

JULY 26th Lola is in heat again. Caught Spike tying to
breed :-(

JULY 27th For the last few days Lola has been stopping/freezing, arching and lifting bottom. Alot of stretch leg and arm and standing with back leg kind of out to side. I think the joey is big enough to bother her, or maybe nursing something with teeth now?

***Now that the cycle is seen, apparently around the 28th - 30th of each month, I'm hoping an experienced breeder can look over these notes and get a good handle on how far along these joeys are IP and just when they are due to make an appearance. My guess is that from delivery to IP at day 16ish - that would only be about 2 weeks from the last heat cycle at the end of June. Seems like a very short time. Maybe this joey is from the heat cycle while with the previous owner, which would make the mating date the end of May and the joey IP now for about 6 1/2 weeks? Wondering if that sounds right?***

AUGUST 13th Lola's pouch was 'open'. I couldn't see anything inside (I'm figuring that because there is only 1 joey, there is more room and he's less apt to "stick out". For several days she's been walking and standing with her legs kind of spread, and doing alot of opening the pouch and "looking in". We must be getting close!

AUGUST 16th I SAW BABY BUTT !!!! I saw what looked like the joey rolling over and a little butt poked out for a split second :-)

AUGUST 19th He (or she) is OPP! And what a voice it has, wow! Mom and dad won't get out of the way long enough to hold it or get a picture yet. But it looks like the body is about the size of a girls thumb. lol

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