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Apr 13, 2009

 the bond is as strong for humans as it is for gliders

i never even realized it but the bond that you read that gliders form is the same for humans as it is for gliders i miss my guy so much and i've only been away from him for one day i wish i could see him!

Apr 11, 2009

 ahhh how sweet it is to be loved by you!

ah how sweet it is to be loved by a glider i love him so much even though i've only had him for about 3 days he is probably one of the top 4 important things to me God, family, friends, Apollo. I feel like he is my kid even though im waaay to young to have a kid hes my version of one. I had originally saved up around two hundred dollars to go shopping for new school clothes but ended up spending most of it on him and im not even close to being done
i love the guts out of my little guy!

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Cooking, playing with the gliders, reading, music, gg
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I just got two pretty little baby girls
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I'm 14 and mommy too 3 gliders two cats and two dogs I love my pets and music and I am a glider geek fo sho :P